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Individuals with a patient safety leadership role at executive, director, and service management levels. Also, those instructing, quality assuring, and signing off patient safety improvement projects, and patient safety and other adverse incident investigation reports.

“The course was a great platform to open up discussions at a senior level and challenge ourselves on what are our key priorities to change under the new safety strategy. ”

Learning objectives

The national patient safety curriculum launched in 2020 makes explicit the minimum education requirements for all NHS staff and those tasked with leading patient safety investigations. 

This programme aims to foster reflective and developmental conversations and debates about where your organisation is now in term of its commitment to:

  • a fair and just culture
  • meaningful engagement with patients and families
  • structured, credible, and defendable investigations
  • human factors and systems analysis
  • worthwhile recommendations
  • safety improvement plans that deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in safety, quality, practice, and process
  • investigation, and other safety, reports that are understandable and credible
  • a holistic safety management system.


Duration and delivery

The programme is delivered via a series of video podcasts and one or two half-day Microsoft Teams meetings.  A one, or two-day, onsite event is an alternative approach, where required.

Enquire about this programme

To discuss the detail of course content, delivery options and costs, contact Consequence UK.