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Individuals who will become the core cohort of patient safety investigators for comprehensive in-depth and systemic investigations for those incidents determined nationally as requiring a PSII, and for those incidents the organisation has determined require a PSII. They are also the cohort of staff who will lead proactive whole systems focused PSIIs generated via interrogation of Trust risk management data bases, audit, etc.

“My learning experience throughout this programme and what I will take with me in my work going forward is that I will always listen to the families and ensure I capture all the evidence from the complainants/families.”

Learning objectives

Participants will gain:

  • clarity about what good looks like. Delivering the National requirements is important, but it does not mean you automatically have an effective or credible approach. This programme will enable you to appreciate how you can achieve both.
  • essential knowledge about investigation method alongside methodology
  • knowledge about how a range of investigation approaches, tools, and techniques
  • clarity about the responsibility of a reviewer/investigator and the boundaries and challenges posed by this
  • insights about how to design relevant key lines of enquiry
  • clarity about what it means to achieve meaningful involvement and engagement of the patient and/or family members, and restoration after harm
  • confidence in how to engage staff in a dynamic process that supports learning and professional growth
  • knowledge about gathering and analysing the right depth and breadth of information to deliver a defendable and credible review/investigation process up to date knowledge on recommendation formulation
  • guidance on how to write a credible, readable, report


Duration and delivery

An in-depth blended programme of learning delivered over 16-20 weeks via video podcasts and Microsoft Teams meetings.


One or more onsite consolidation events, where required, can be provided. Following this programme there is also the option of coaching, mentorship, or the facilitation of an internal learning set for PSII trained staff.

Enquire about this programme

To discuss the detail of course content, delivery options and costs, contact Consequence UK.