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PSR facilitators and team leaders (clinical, non-clinical, and allied professionals) and their deputies.

“I have been an investigator in several SI reports over the years but have found the programme invaluable in developing new skills and techniques.”

Learning objectives

The core objectives of this learning programme are to support the participants in:

  • the delivery of a participative review process, that delivers action-based learning
  • to be aware of a range of review techniques that can be employed within the context of a local service or directorate to enable optimal understanding of how a safety situation has arisen
  • following a patient safety incident:
  • to working effectively with families and patients in the immediate period after an adverse incident
  • ensuring fair treatment of staff and how to integrate a human factor and systems-based approach to locally led learning reviews
  • delivering a review/investigation that proportionately adheres to the basic ABCs of any credible investigation/review, including:
    • thinking about a range of approaches, tools and techniques that can be used
    • how information you collected is analysed
  • having a real-world perspective about the improvements implemented locally and their reliability
  • how to write well, including recognition of tone of voice.


Duration and delivery

An in-depth blended programme of learning delivered over 12-16 weeks via video podcasts, Microsoft Teams meetings, and personal study time.

One or more onsite consolidation events, where required, can be provided.


Enquire about this programme

To discuss the detail of course content, delivery options and costs, contact Consequence UK.